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5 Things Your Woman Wants You to Know

According to pornstar escorts although women are different, there are things that every woman wants her man to know. Naturally, your woman wishes that you could do more even if she won’t show you. But smart men notice this. That’s why they are confused about their women. In fact, many men see women as mysterious creatures. Perhaps, to understand women, you should know things that they wish you knew. Here are some of them:

  1. Small Things Matter

Men focus on doing big things for their women. For instance, a man can think that taking a woman on a luxurious trip will make her love him more. Well, though this can work, it’s small things that really matter to most women. Picking up the feel-good treat for a woman once in a while for instance can do wonders. If your woman has been talking about something, buying it for her will also do wonders. And a woman’s appreciation of the little things you do for her will show.

  • Confidence is Different from Arrogance

While being confident makes a man hot, arrogance does not. Every girl wants a confident man. A woman needs a man that feels comfortable in his skin. Such a man makes a woman feel protected and safe. However, most women can’t stand arrogance.

  • The Effort is Important

Every man knows the importance of effort. Whether at work or in a relationship, effort matters to women. That’s why your girlfriend will feel offended if you don’t call her in the evening to find out how her day was. She will also be offended if you don’t do something special for her during a birthday or anniversary. She wants you to show her that she is worth your precious time.

After being at work the whole day, a woman wants someone that will give her attention. Thus, even if you are tired, she expects you to put effort in listening to her and show interest in what she tells you. Women like talking as a way of expressing their feelings. And she wants to confide in you since she trusts you to make her feel better. That’s why you should not concentrate on what’s happening on TV while she tries to tell you something.

  • Don’t Be Her Man-Baby

Women are nurturing. That’s why they take care of men and even help them out. However, no woman wants to play the role of your mother. That’s why your woman will be pissed off if you act like a kid.

  • Honesty Matters

Honesty is always the most ideal policy in a relationship. Telling a lie may seem great at some point. However, when your woman learns that you lied to her, she won’t take it lightly. To a woman, telling a lie is being a coward.

Generally, your woman wants to feel that she is important to you. Of course, you want to hang out with your male friends and do other things. However, your woman doesn’t want to take a third place in your life. Thus, you will have trouble with your woman if you don’t make her feel important to you.

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